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Dilution Rate of Roots Excelurator is 0.3ml/L



Use Roots Excelurator in the first five weeks of growth. Prepare your nutrient container by first adding your base nutrient (e.g Cocos, Hydro, Aqua Flakes or Soil) to the water container.   Then add the Roots Excelurator. Make sure the nutrient container has the correct EC and pH values. The nutrient container is now ready for its first watering.


100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L


For a great mixture with clones, cuttings and seedlings mix Roots Excelurator at 0.2 ml/L and blend with ¼ strength House and Garden base nutrient (Hydros or Cocos preferred). Dip and soak rockwool cubes into a bucket of the mixture for great early plant success!


Note: This is only a guideline and House & Garden takes no responsibility for adverse effects. Always monitor your plants, their health and the environment.

All H&G Products are cleared for use in medical, licensed farms.



roots excelurator


House & Garden Roots Excelurator is the most powerful root stimulator currently available. It is our showpiece in the area of nutrients! This powerful root stimulator ensures explosive growth of the roots, rids the plants of brown root & root diseases and provides an excellent rhizosphere (root environment) in soil, coco or hydroponic substrates. Roots Excelurator creates a film around the roots, which functions as a kind of membrane. It keeps harmful diseases and pathogens out of the root zone but allows ultra-efficient absorption of nutrients. 

Roots Excelurator is comprised of:

  1. Cold Pressed Norwegian Sea Kelp

  2. Vitamin B complex

  3. A proprietary seed extraction

  4. Molasses and other ingredients 

  5. Beneficial microbial inoculants


Why is Roots Excelurator so important?

Plant roots are an essential part of the ecosystem below the soil surface. They are the link between the plant development and substrate interactions. Healthy roots are vital for growth. Better roots facilitate a healthy soil structure, ensuring it is easy for nutrients to be absorbed. The result is an excellent plant yield.


Roots Excelurator is seriously potent! It works effectively in soil, coco, rockwool and other hydroponic substrates. Roots Excelurator is extremely soluble and perfect in any garden design, indoors or outside!

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"Exactly as advertised, the real stuff. SUPER concentrated. If you’re an inexperienced or uninformed grower who thinks raising the amount of nutrients and additives past recommend dosages actually helps growth, then this isn't for you." – Pete


"Love this product for explosive roots or to help root rot. My favourite additive from House and Garden. Been running their full line for over 10 years now and have done several side by side comparisons. I will be staying with house and garden as it seems to always out perform other nutrients!" – Oscar


"JESUS, roots are literally exploding in my grow room. Never thought I’d see the results because I wouldn’t be able to see the roots but they’re just popping out of the soil. Now I have to buy more soil to cover the top. But this product is great. My plants are recovering extremely fast to my constant prunes and I know it's this product I have to thank!" – John


"All I can say is after adding this to my feed regimen, 3 days later and my plants have grown an additional 6 inches with no signs of stopping. Just get it! You will be glad you did." – Rumplestilskin


"If you are going to use H&G.. you really need to use the Roots Excelurator. That stuff is crazy good." – Xi

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