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Dilution rate of Drip Clean is 0.1ml/L


Prepare your nutrient container by first adding your base nutrient (e.g Cocos, Aqua Fkaes, Hydro or Soil) to the water container. Add H&G Additives and adjust pH and EC according to plant growth stage. 



250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L




H&G Drip Clean is unlike any other product on the market! It helps with the efficiency of any existing nutrient regime! Drip Clean uses a uniquely polarised potassium compound that effectively bonds onto other minerals to ensure solubility and efficient uptake by the crop. 


Drip Clean helps to prevent ‘salt’ accumulating in coco and soil substrates, and is ultra effective in all hydroponic and aeroponic system designs. We strongly recommend the use of drip clean when using inferior base nutrients as this will help to prevent potential toxicities. 


House & Garden Drip Clean is also an extremely useful agent for anyone working with drip irrigation systems or gravity feed systems (e.g. Auto pots, IWS Dripper systems). Drip Clean works as a magnet, removing any dirt particles from your piping with every nutrient feeding. This allows pipes and drains stay open and clean. Furthermore, Drip Clean gives your plants a boost, improving their greenness and vitality. This is done through ensuring there is no salt build up, so plants can work at peak production throughout their life. Drip Clean can be used to keep pot systems in perfect nutrient balance and reduce the need and length for flushing.


House & Garden Drip Clean is a safe agent for use in medical facilities. 


Drip Clean reduces the need for flushing, as drip clean actively removes salt and dirt build up. 



"Works so well that I worry it might work too well. Leaves everything it comes in contact with clean. Even the tray was clean. I was never able to remove salt build-up until now. After watering the salt build up wipes away. Out freaking standing! Try it!!" – Tony


"Really good at preventing build-ups, keeps root systems healthy. Must have for your garden especially good when paired with H&G roots excelurator." – Richo


"This product makes a 3 to 5 day flush the norm, and you won't see that crusty white build-up in your pots. Great stuff!" – James


"No lockout or build-up problems after 10 weeks of use in coco coir with this product!" – Alice

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