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About House & Garden Nutrients


House & Garden Nutrients is a cup-winning fertiliser solution for the highest quality harvests. Craft batch manufactured in a zero-waste facility in Humboldt California, House & Garden is used worldwide by advanced cropping facilities, prized for its purity and clean formulation. Founded in the Netherlands 30 years ago, House & Garden is now used in more than 30 countries by licensed medical facilities, universities, commercial farmers and home gardeners who enjoy a truly premium product.

Our Incredible International History


House & Garden was founded by William Van De Zwaan in 1990. William had spent his entire life in the horticulture industry, being raised in the famous Van De Zwaan rose production glasshouses. The Van De Zwaan roses were world famous for incredible quality and aroma, even the Pope wrote a decree thanking them for supplying the Vatican and providing distinction for their unique carnations!


Williams family owns several glasshouses that produce roses for world famous Aalsmeer Flower Auction. Before designing the House & Garden Nutrient line, William spent time developing unique potent fertiliser solutions in their advanced laboratory facilities. 

See a classic history of our background with this vintage video from back in our Dutch production days!

Coming to America! 


Fast forward 25 years when House & Garden relocated their manufacturing facilities and research scientists to California! In 2015 it made sense to be closer to their biggest consuming gardeners, the United State of America and Canada. Bringing Dutch expertise to an incredible agricultural hub in Humboldt County ensured that House & Garden progressed into the modern agricultural era. Formulations were refined to increase purity, improve stability of organic compounds and continually ensure the nutrient maintains their reputation as the worlds best fertiliser for cup-winning plants. Our zero-waste facility in Humboldt houses the worlds most advanced ceramic filtration systems and premium blending manufacturing technology to ensure perfect quality and consistency, every single batch.

We are always innovating and working with licensed farms to ensure House & Garden Nutrients is passable in all USA States and worldwide. All of our products contain no bulking agents or dangerous levels of heavy metals; clean and clinical, high-performance formulation. 


House & Garden farmers regularly win awards for incredibly premium produce. Our nutrient is popular throughout Asia-Pacific, USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Israel and more! Find more details and see the latest updates from House & Garden worldwide here:

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