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Dilution rate of Bud-XL is 1ml/L



Use Bud-XL in the middle of the flowering period (from week 4). 


Start adding Bud-XL to the nutrient after the first flowers are formed. This is the period when the big bracts lose their functions. By adding Bud-XL you ensure that the plant’s energy is no longer used for keeping the bract, but is directed into forming the flowers and fruits of the plants. Bud-XL also extracts sugars from the bracts and transports them to the flowers or fruits.

Prepare your nutrient container by first adding your base nutrient (e.g Cocos, Hydro, Aqua Flakes or Soil) to the water container. Add H&G additives including Bud XL. Adjust pH and EC as necessary. 


500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L

All H&G Products are cleared for use in medical, licensed farms.




House & Garden Bud-XL has a unique ability to extract sugars from the leaves of the plant and transfer them to the fruit. The fruit is made sweeter and its taste is improved. Bud-XL will also increase the size and robustness of the flowers, resulting in an increase in fruit production and greater turnover. Bud-XL is a terrific product for beginners through to professionals. 



House & Garden Bud-XL uses enzymes’ processes to extract sugars from the large bracts for storage in the fruits or flowers of the plant. This leads to bigger, sweeter and more robust fruits. The flowers will become larger and improve in colour and quality. Some users may see a natural fading, purpling or yellowing of the leaves and stems of their plants, as sugars are drawn away from the stems and leaves and directed to the flowers. This is referred to as “Autumn Colours”. 

Bud XL acts like a superhighway for nutrients and plant sugars, transporting them to where they are needed! 


Bud XL is perfect for hydroponic or soil production, in any substrate or system design! It can be used effectively with any existing nutrient regime, however best results are achieved when using the complete H&G range together!

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"It makes my flowers really sticky" – Thomas


"After using several different kinds and types of nutrients in our indoor garden from many of the top names this line is the best to date. all the other conditions were the same, THIS STUFF WORKS!!! use the system for fantastic bull." – Ben


"Bud-XL is a must for anyone crazy about growing flowers. It make a huge difference in the size of the flowers. You only use 1/4 teaspoon per gallon once a week, one litre will last a long time. House & Garden have some wonderful products" – Isabelle

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